About us:

Full Name: Spółka cywilna "YESS" - Marek Stefanowicz i Małgorzata Stefanowicz
Abbreviated Name: s.c. YESS inc.
Incorporated Since: 1993
Incorporation Certificate No.: 4809
VAT Code: 844-18-11-772
Statistical Code: 79013594
Legal Address: 4B/45 Utrata Street, 16-400 Suwalki, Poland
Business Lines: translation services (PCA Code 74.30.Z),
teaching of foreign languages (PCA Code 85.59.A),
music recording (PCA Code 59.20.Z),
and book publishing (PCA Code 58.11.Z).
Certificate: The Company has a certificate of Trustworthy Company 2013 - www.firmagodnazaufania.pl/

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